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Manti on brass
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Manti on brass

Manti on brass

The Manti Series alters a common form - the cube - to create a not-so-common design focal point. The elegant furnishing, which can serve as an end table, coffee table, side table or stool, exudes modernism at its finest, with handworked metal encasing the piece’s top; multiple finish options emphasize this qualification. 
Featuring a brass base with either a pristine, durable bright-white powder coated steel top or polished copper top, that adds decadence to luxury.
All versions are 17" wide by 17" deep, but come in four height options.
Height Options // 17 inches // 18.5 inches // 22 inches // 23.5 inches
Simple and chic. Minimal, modular, and handmade, right here in Los Angeles. These are best used indoors only.