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Westerly - Steel

Westerly - Steel

An industrial table as its most chic. The Steel Westerly is a steel frame table with a smooth, sealed concrete slap dropped in the middle. 

The table has adjustable feet or felt pads on the bottom making it easy to more or slide around. The weight is dependent on the size as each piece is custom made, but figure about 100-150 lbs for the concrete and 80-120 lbs for the base. 

Due to each being custom made, please allow for 6-8 weeks for it to be made. Rush orders are accepted, at a premium. You can also request a different base style if you'd like. 

Shipping will be arranged via Freight and is included in the price. 


Length, width and height all up to you!  Just include the info in your order and/or email us to confirm what you want. 

If both the length AND the width exceed 49" then there will be an extra cost. If additionally if length OR the width exceed 96" the will be an extra cost. 

All concrete pieces are handmade. As such each is unique and have character and variation in color. It's just the inherent nature of concrete. Please also note that the bases are powder coated -- the photographed piece was not, so the finish of the color will be far better than the image. To see the quality of our powder coated finishes, just view any of the other products on our site.