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The Cloud Monolith
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The Cloud Monolith
The Cloud Monolith
The Cloud Monolith

The Cloud Monolith

After years of research and design, PCD has created a statement piece of soft curves and smooth, lightweight concrete. By using 99.9% recycled Styrofoam in our cement mixture, The Cloud Monolith earns its moniker and betrays the brutalist feel of typical concrete furniture, reducing its weight to an average of 45lbs.
The pieces are sealed heavily enough for commercial use, creating a galvanized surface to repel acids and liquids over long term use.
Perched on adjustable plastic feet, The Cloud Monolith never touches the ground, and can be safely slid across any flooring surface.
Dimensions are 17 3/8" long and 12" wide. It comes in two heights 15 3/4” or 22 1/4.”
Each Cloud Monolith is handmade. Variation in fades and naturally occurring embellishments are a reality. Color customization is available with each purchase upon request.
Lead time when not in stock is 2-3 days.