About PCD

Long before PCD products were found at big-name retailers like West Elm, Patrick Cain Designs explored the foundational elements of wood, concrete and steel to  evoke the unity of urban sprawl with the natural world. Harnessing Patrick's degree in Materials Science and Engineering and untapping a curiosity of how things are made, PCD have been servicing clients large and small since 2012.  

The results speak for themselves. PCD furniture lives and breathes the essence of American life: the natural order and modern technology, together at last. Truly unique statement pieces that both you and the environment can afford.

All PCD furniture is designed, crafted, built, and created right here in Los Angeles, by the hands of skilled artisans and craftspeople from all walks of life.

The Patrick Cain Designs Collective works together to bring the world the foremost in furniture, lifestyle, design, and well-being. We create environmentally-sustainable furniture at attainable prices, designing each piece to last, and move through life alongside you.

***For Rental/Staging inquiries please contact PCD through the contact link. Standard rental prices of 25% for each 90 day period apply.*** 

View our return policy here.

Our shipping policy is made easy. It's free. You buy something from the catalog of what we have (aka not custom). We ship. You get it. If anything is damaged, see our return policy above. The key is  document it when you get it.  We ship, typically, UPS for domestic non freight orders. USPS for international, non freight orders. And when it's freight (things like coffee tables, some entryway tables and dining tables)... it's a freight company... and which one depends on where it is being shipped to.


Patrick Cain Designs is an LA-based design studio focused on environmentally-responsible furniture that lasts.

We use up-cycled wood from downed trees otherwise headed to the chipper. Our metal pieces are built to survive and styled to last years. Even better: concrete can be LEED-certified. It's simple: PCD furniture is good for your life, good for your style, and good for the planet.