Vaughn I
Vaughn I
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Vaughn I

Vaughn I

The Vaughn is a side table that harmoniously melds contemporary style with the natural world. The concrete design, quite literally, has mastered the art of transforming an everyday material into something special: a side table that replicates the beauty of a live edge slice of wood.  Using a sustainable tact for its design, the piece uses post consumer recycled material Styrofoam to make it light and movable.
The bases comes in three options:
-Clear coated hairpin legs
- White powder coated tripod
- Matte black powder coated tripod 
The top is sealed to resist stains and, because it's not wood, it won't attract bugs or ever warp. It's environmentally friendly as no trees were killed to make it. Instead, we've filled it with a concrete blend of recycled materials.
29" x 28" x 18" inches